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Route Sliven - Todorovo Ayazmo

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Sliven, 5, ul. Simeon Tabakov

The first stop of the scenic route is the house "Sliven Style of LIfe" ( "Simeon Tabakov " № 5 ) presenting to visitors the typical "town of the hundred chieftains" and its surroundings lifestyle and architecture in the Bulgarian Revival . The collection is arranged so as to acquaint visitors with detailed wealthy artisans eastern sub-Balkan region - one of the brightest people in the Ottoman Empire in the XIX century , became a symbol of enterprise and progress.

The house museum route continues to Selishteto while passing by another eloquent testimony to the enterprise of the local people - the first set of the Balkan Peninsula textile factory , founded in 1835 by Dobri Zelyazkov. Currently, the building was converted into the National Museum of Textiles , which also can visit if desired (located at: Square Stoil voyvoda 3 ) .

Route continues north along the road, which after about half an hour ( approximately 2 km ) leads to the bridge in the area of ​​Selishteto. This route departs from the asphalt road and turns right , following recognizable and well marked path Dolapite . The trail led us through orchards, which are especially beautiful in spring when the trees are laden with color. After gradually climbing the ridge we find ourselves in the place Gagovets .

Immediately to the right you can see the ruins of Marinino gradishte then continues to the northwest as the trail passes through beautiful mixed forest . Subsequently, cross birch and hornbeam forest to reach the picturesque White water drinking fountain . Beside her is built recreation area where you can relax in the beautiful scenery .

The trail continues west along the trail to Kostova fountain and Karakyutyuk area located 8 km from Sliven, at the foot of Mount Balgarka (1181 meters altitude ) . Here is a watchtower built for birds, from which you can enjoy the vast ornithological diversity of the area. Particularly impressive raptors , including rare Egyptian vulture, plain and long-legged buzzard , big and small hawk ...

On the way back you can diversify routes as the White Water head south along the old road that connected the village Rakovo with Sliven. It follows the river Monastery and picturesque is " threaded " between powerful oaks. Species diversity of the surrounding forest is impressive - wild cherries and pears , hazel , maple ... When almost reached the suburbs of Sliven , the road passes by the ruins of a medieval monastery "St. Spas" . Ten minutes after the start of the suburbs we get to Todorov ayazmo (holy spring) , which is less than half an hour from the city of a hundred chieftains.

The phone is of the Directorate of Blue Rocks Park .

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