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Ecotrail Bride

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The starting point of the trail " Bride " is situated near the road from Smolyan to Pamporovo , next to the entrance arch to the monastery "St. Panteleimon " . It is one of the easiest and fun trails in Bulgaria . Its length is less than a mile away, and the track does not offer any trials. For lovers of extreme experiences and climbing , however, prepared a number of facilities that promise to make the experience memorable . The route winds through the shady forest , perfectly safe , shaped and marked number signs is presented to curious tourists information about representatives of flora and fauna that inhabit the area.

Approximately mid ecotrail are built gazebo and two panoramic grounds offering views respectively to Smolyan and the endless hills of the mountains, bluish in the distance. Here everyone can climb an artificial wall , which are adapted two routes of varying difficulty . This is where you start Viaferrata ( track ) - a system of wire ropes, rope bridges , stairs and railings, which allows you to experience sensations previously available only to professional climbers.

The second part of the eco-trail is no different from the first , by stating that in some places there is a relatively steep descent . Again placed alcoves, and at the foot of the cliff Bride are designed playground and fireplace for cooking .

The trail descends to the very top of the cliff Bride ( Turluka ) which smolyantsi considered a symbol of the city . In a study conducted in 2008 found evidence that the rock was used as a Thracian sanctuary . According to scientists, the top of the scale is used for divination observation of the heavenly bodies and various rituals.

Rising to the west of Smolyan Bride has several legends. According to one of them Bulgarian girl was like on a woman from the local grazing. She agreed to marry him, but only on condition that previously allowed her to get on the scale and look for the last time his native region . When the groom agree , the girl jumped off the cliff.

According to another legend, during the conquest of the Rhodopes by the Ottomans here hid woman with an infant . When the troops passed , the child began to cry and issued hideout . The mother , however, refused to issue where the secret entrance to the nearby fortress Aetos for which they paid with their lives .

Ecopath " Bride " continues shortly after the rock to another rock that is hanging over the Smolyan Lakes and offers excellent views of them. Follows a route in easy and pleasant route.

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