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Ecotrail Lucky - Dzhurkovo

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Ecotrail "Lucky - Dzhurkovo " passes through some of the most picturesque areas of magical Rhodopes. During the first 13 km of the route it follows the path of the municipal center of the village , but the feeling is not like making a transition road . Solitude of this region , the beautiful mountain slopes , stunning cliffs , plenty of panoramic views rebellious mountain rivers, bubbling somewhere in the rocky ravines , all this brings us to one another, nicer and real world where happiness is inevitable and the dreams come true .

Although the displacement between the lowest and the highest point of the route is about 900 meters , the transition is not a very high level of difficulty. Places steep climbs , but they are followed by long sloping areas , so that tourists can relax by climbing the slopes and enjoy the views they so richly open to them . Besides the beauty of the " inanimate " nature of the Western Rhodopes, visitors to the area can enjoy the wealth of flora and fauna . Mountain houses many rare , endemic and endangered species , and during the warmer months around the forests are full of wild fruits , herbs and edible fungi, whose flavors enchant hikers . And all this against the backdrop of endless songs of forest birds ...

Transition to Dzhurkovo be passed for 4-5 hours, but that's not all . The village eco trail continues to the chapel "St. Elijah . " Fortunately for tourists poumorenite final part of the route is flat, walking along the soft dirt road and there are no physical challenges. So does the scenery again tests are many: the right reveals a new series of picturesque views of nearby and distant hills and valleys, and to the left of the path alternate forest and lush meadows. The trail gets a bit steeper solely to an end, where it passes through pine forest .

Chapel "St. Elias " rises to a small beautiful lawn . It also is of modest size and housed two mindercheta , several icons patron saint and an old candle . Regardless of (or perhaps because of ) this , a sense of oneness with nature and the supernatural is incredibly strong . Majestic environment and breathes purity and spirituality temple make us get rid of vanity and think about the really important things in life.

Track the entire trail is well marked and there is no way to get lost . In many places were built fountains , dedicated donors a deceased relative ( according to the old custom of Rhodope ) , gazebos , fireplaces , benches and tables .

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