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Ski slopes Stoykite village

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Smolyan, selo Stoykite

Close to Pamporovo , Chepelare and Devin is the beautiful and hospitable Stoikite . There is snow five months - the time during which the site became an attraction for lovers of snow sports across the country. Conditions for good and useful holiday present, and the ski slopes are suitable for both beginners and advanced . Stoikite has two ski runs. In the center of the village is the small ski slope that is easily accessible , broad, sloping and easy to train beginners. The track has a small ski lift designed for use by young fans of winter sports. The other track is mainly for practicing winter sports, skiers and snowboarders. It is greater in length 1500 meters and is open to skiers and average.

If you decide to bet on this mini ski resort in the country, you will not regret . It also organized ski trips , winter hikes and walks with horse sleds.

Currently beds in the village can take to 700 people . Stands has about 42 private rooms for recreation, 4 holiday houses and hotel " Saint Helena " . Prices of accommodation in these vary between 8-25 lev . The tourists in the village has shops, pubs and regular transport to and from other exact country .

As well as a winter destination , Stoikite is a wonderful place to relax during the warmer months . In the forests and meadows meet rabbits , deer , squirrels , wolves , wild boars , foxes , badgers , hedgehogs and others. The beauty of the Rhodope nature , combined with the local cuisine , you will gain a lifetime. If you like nature , you can choose between green and walking trails in the area hiking , near the stand Grashtitsa , Solishta, Stikal , Shiroka laka , Gela and surrounding village Goliam Perelik , Snow White and the Mechi Chal , where the view is unique.

A curious fact about the village is that his name was first mentioned in writing in 1706 by Frenchman Paul Lucas. A more interesting and puzzling is the discovery in the area of the village - a silver medal at the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. According to historians, this medal belongs to a local resident .

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