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Historic Landmark
Church of St. Sophia

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Sofia, 2, ul. Parij

The temple is kept precious relic - a lock of hair of the Apostle of Freedom - Vasil Levski. Today's majestic dome three-aisled basilica with a transverse nave was built on old churches from the fourth century In excavations have uncovered several building periods, which are preserved parts of the mosaic floor (more than one small churches) separate drawings (pigeon plants trees, vases of flowers, etc..) whose characters are typical of early Christian art from the fourth century Four pillars support the dome, 19 meters high with a diameter of 9 m width and longitudinal vessel are the same at the intersection is forming a square. Thus the plan of the basilica is shaped cross, which affects both the interior and the overall appearance of the temple. With full right to say that the history of the Church of St. Sophia is the story of the town of Sofia. Little known fact today is that the image of the church became part of the emblem of the capital of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom.

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