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Historic Landmark
Church St. Nedelia

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The Orthodox Church " St. nedelia" is located in the city center and is a place visited daily by thousands of guests and citizens of the city. Given the importance and central location over the years the church has a rich history. Church is a cathedral of the Sofia bishopric and takes the place of the old square Korucheshme which boasts a fountain shaded by old trees . Today the square is called "Sveta Nedelia .

By historians know that most likely the original church was built in the X century foundations were made ​​of stone and timber frame up . In this temple lasted until the middle of the XIX century was then ofiyskata Sofia City Diocese and parish decided to build a new cathedral . On May 7, 1856 began construction of the new church. It is a basilica with length 35.5 m and a width of 19 meters . Architect of the new church "St. Nedelia ", Ivan Boyanin . Its construction was completed in the fall of 1863. Decorating it drags a few more years and it slows her dedication From 1863 to 1865 carver Anton Stanishev made ​​the iconostasis. Part of the iconostasis icons displayed great painter Stanislav Dospevski. Consecration of the temple was performed in 1867 at the feast May 11.

A curious moment in the history of the temple is associated with the name. For a period of time - in the XIX and early decades of the XX century , the temple is also called " Holy King " . The reason is that there are relics of the Serbian King Stefan Uros II (1282-1321). In the Orthodox Church are now buried Exarch Joseph I and Sofia Metropolitan Partenii . The grave of Exarch is on the south side of the temple , and the Archbishop - the north .

One of the historical events for the whole of Bulgaria is associated with "St. Sunday . " These are unparalleled in the world at that time communist attack . On April 16, 1925 the church was destroyed during the funeral service of General Konstantin Georgiev. In bombing killed 193 people , injured about 500 . It is believed that this was the worst terrorist act in the history of Bulgaria .

After this bloody act of terrorism of BKP church board assigned to the architectural office " Vasilyov - Tsolov " the opening of the temple. By the spring of 1933, he built an almost new , huge central dome temple length - 30 m , width - 15.50 m and height of the dome - 31 meters . The church was returned to the surviving two-line gilt iconostasis. Altar of the new church was greatly expanded , again were left three throne .

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