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City garden Sofia

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When on April 3, 1879 Sofia was proclaimed capital of Bulgaria, the city had only one public garden - the City garden. Park was formed back in 1872 just before the Prince Palace. Beautiful fountain figure of a ballerina, a place for exhibitions and outdoor concerts, scraper and a meeting with some nice cafes and beer, gathering of old Sofia players and focal point for several of the iconic buildings of Sofia - a city park. Today it is located between square "Knyaz Al. Batenberg "( and through it relates to" Tsar Liberator ") to the northeast, street" Deacon Ignatius' to the southeast, street "General. Gurko to the southwest and street “Aleksandar Batenberg” to the northwest.

About Central Park is the Bulgarian National Bank, "Bulgaria" Hall, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transport, the new "Grand Hotel Sofia", Art Gallery and of course - the most beautiful building here - that of the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov ". The space between the theater and the emblematic fountain is the most famous open-air stage in the capital, where they organize interesting and entertaining events, I read there, playing and creating a unique atmosphere Sofia orchestra. A favorite place for local residents and tourists is the ice rink.

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