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Historic Landmark
Elenishki monastery

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Elenishki monastery " Assumption of the Virgin Mary" has been studied in detail by the founder and first director of the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia - Dimitar Marinov. Occurs exactly when the monastery and to this day is not entirely clear . It is assumed that in the IX century it was inhabited by monks - hermits. Inception of the monastery , however, happened a few centuries later - in XIV or early XV century. Then created and monasteries around Sofia in the reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander. Basis for this hypothesis is placed in the floor of the temple marble slab with an inscription from 1499

With the resumption of Elenishkiya monastery in the XVI century, occupies himself Pimen Zografski . It is one of nine saints and Sofia devotes part of his life to preach and updates temples and monasteries throughout Bulgaria . Years Zografski toured Bulgarian lands - first visited Sofia and its suburbs , and then headed to North and South Bulgaria . During XVI-XVII century monastery " Assumption of the Virgin Mary" became an important literary and religious center in the area . From this period are preserved Chetveroevengelie Psalter and other literary monuments, which today is kept in the National Church Historical and Archaeological Museum in Sofia . In 1793 Eleshnitsa monastery became a victim of the attacks of the tribes and was devastated . Only six years later was rebuilt and then again becomes the object of plunder and destruction . His next update took place in 1820 . With the difficult task occupies Abbot Daniel. For some time in the monastery near the village Eleshnitsa function and school .

By historians know yet that the monastery was located hiding revolutionary Vasil Levski . Sought shelter here and part of the surviving rebels after the defeat of Botev in early June 1876

In the first half of the XIX century monastery is complete Elenishkiyat updated. During World War II , the monastery does not function after 1966 just west. In 1989 began the restoration of the monastery in its original appearance and style. Currently, the monastery is active , but no preceptor . The complex consists of a church and residential and commercial buildings that are in very poor condition.

Located in the Valley Yakovishtitsa in the mountains Murgash Western Balkan Mountains , 25 km east from Sofia to Eleshnitsa monastery " Assumption of the Virgin Mary" is easily accessible from the village Eleshnitsa . Goes along the old road to Varna and it drops by a few meters left after pass the monument of Mariya Chankova . In the monastery does not offer food and accommodation .

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