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Ethnographic museum

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Sofia, 6А, ul. Moskovska

Ethnographic Museum is housed in the former Princely Palace, a monument of culture, which houses the National Art Gallery. With the efforts of many scientists and enthusiasts began gathering valuable and authentic samples of Bulgarian folk customs, crafts and art. Only a few years the museum funds and triples in the first years of XX century is rightly recognized as the richest ethnographic museum in the Balkans. Ethnographic Museum contains more than 50,000 exhibits, organized into 13 funds relating to the chronological period from the second half of XVII century to 60 years of XX century. The most impressive exhibition is the collection of folk costumes - more than 16,000 targets costumes and costume pieces, some of them made with incredibly thin art feeling. The costumes are almost all over the Bulgarian lands - from the Danube Delta to Lake Kastoria and Timok to Lozengrad. Costumes are stored Asia Minor, Banat and Bessarabian Bulgarians. Articles for domestic use exceeds more than 3000 exhibits - cupboards, chairs, wooden utensils, written and carved pet crates, which is stored dowry of the bride, and other festive fabrics and clothes. Separate collection is composed of 500 Bulgarian folk music instruments. Folk art carving - ranging from the primitive "Shepherd" thread and ending with exquisitely crafted obratsi of artistic carvings, ceilings, consoles from the three largest schools rezbraski - Tryavna, Samokov and Debar - a real dignity to the National Ethnographic Museum. Presented are still wine, agriculture, blacksmithing, copper, pottery .... treasures from all over Bulgaria.


March 1-October 31 10:00 to 18:00

November 1 to February 28 10:00 to 17:00

Rest day: Monday

Working hours: 10:00 to 18:00

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