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Kopitoto peak

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Kopitoto peak, located in the area Kopitoto, is located in the Vitosha mountain , which rises just above the city of Sofia. On Kopitoto, which rises to over 1340 meters above sea level, is the television tower , tall over one hundred and eight meters . On Kopitoto are many places for recreation. Besides local picnic area has cabins and nice places to rest. For those wishing to stay for a long time there is a luxury hotel located near TV Tower . From Kopitoto there is magnificent panoramic view of the capital . To Kopitoto can reach walking if you go from the foot of Mount Vitosha , but can be reached by car too. Tourists do not mind the two-hour shift , and many citizens of the capital on their days off climbing to the peak . The transition is easy, since the paths are marked. Kopitoto can be reached by car and by bus. Tourists love to visit Kopitoto in summer when there is a magnificent opportunity for outdoor picnics and collection of sun tan but in winter too. Then the tourists enjoy the frosty air and winter sun . Kopitoto is emblematic peak for Sofia residents and others who often come here to celebrate. Chance to breathe fresh air makes many people not only tourists to walk on foot to reach the top , or at least to his feet. From the peak Kopitoto can lead to Planinets hut and hut Momina Skala . Lovers of cycling regularly organize trips to major Vitosha and more precisely to the Kopitoto, and some are in the night. So cyclists can enjoy the magnificent view of nighttime Sofia from the top of the mountain. From downtown to the hoof distance is about twenty miles. When organizing cycling trips, column always is led by an experienced guide , as less experienced cyclists and slow are at the beginning of the column to wait them other participants. Many photographers are willing to climb at night to make unique panoramic photographs .

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