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Museum of socialism

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Sofia, 7, ul. Lachezar Stan...

New Museum in Sofia collects, preserves and exhibits examples of the art of the classics of Bulgarian painting and sculpture, thematically related to the socialist period - 1944-1989, in Eastern Europe not such a museum, with the exception of Budapest, but there's only sculpture exposure. So, unlike other museums of socialism that focus on historical and totalitarian regime, Sofia makes a purely artistic, aesthetic messages.

The museum consists of a sculpture park where they are 77 works of monumental sculpture. The exhibition in the exhibition hall displays 60 paintings and 25 works of plastic art easel. As might be expected, the stronger the presence of "comrade" Lenin. Most impressive is the mastodon statue, weighing 45 tons, a tiny lifetime dictator. Among the "resurrecting" Bulgarian communist leaders stand five metres silhouette of Georgi Dimitrov, Dimitar Blagoev busts, of Todor Zhivkov with part of his family, etc. are interesting and sculptural compositions dedicated to the ordinary Soviet worker - cheerfully headed to the field with reapers large calves and raw carved persons sullen drivers with strong muscles and clenched fists. Startling scenes of violence and deep human sorrow recreate the works dedicated to the victims of fascism. Some of them are arranged in the indoor exhibition hall of the museum, containing a total of 60 paintings and 25 sculptures. Among the attractions of the museum and placed on two-meter pole ruby star rising in the past over the Party House and became a symbol of totalitarian power. In particular do a video to be projected from old backup tapes manifestations of the rise and later blowing up the mausoleum of the arson of the Party House at the beginning of democratic changes in our and other landmark moments in our recent past.

Working hours: 10:00 to 17:30

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