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Route Boyana - vacation home Bor

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The starting point of this route is in the center of the metropolitan district "Boyana". Its length is about two and a half hours and the displacement is 870 m. Goes up along Boyansko inn, the streets " Belite Brezi" and " Pop Evstati Vitoshki", reaches the HPP "Boyana" to enter the actual mountain at the junction of routes with the Low circumferential path. The climb continues along the stone steps, and soon after it ended, leading to the first fork in the path. One "arm" is a continuation of the Low circumferential path, and the other leads to the Boyana Lake.

After another climb to acquire the new branch. Jump on wooden stairs is another route for the Boyana Lake. We continue to the right, following the bed of the river Boyana . Rather, in the area of ​​Lower Magarshtitsa, leads to the third deviation to Boyansko lake. Still climbing until around Suhi Peak (1146 meters altitude ) . In the area Yanevitsa route joins with another trail coming from the Boyana Lake.

At the top of Yanevitsa branch trails to "Kamen Del" (left) and "Esperanto", Boyana waterfall , vacation home "Sredets", hut "Momina skala", peak Kopitoto ( 1347 m , right) . The route follows the second and after a short climb up to the top of the hill, near which is Pine Rock, offering a great view . Climb continues along steep river valley Petrovicky where grows tonly in Vitosha yew forest.

After only about ten minutes to reach the area Drenska rock and starts a new climb watershed between rivers Petrovicky and Boyana, until you reach the Svinyovete . Hence, past hut "Esperanto" and goes east along the deserted path, moving higher, but parallel with this to hut "Kamen Del" .

The main change in direction south , and after a turn passes along a large rock . Began climbing in spruce forest . It got to the mid- roundabout path west of vacation home "Sredets" . For the ultimate goal of transition, vacation home "Bor" , continue south. Twice crosses the road leading to it, while also going through a large meadow .

A few minutes later we reach the hut "Tintiava ." Soon out north of the vacation home "Bor" . Besides offering excellent conditions for recreation in nature, it is also the starting point for many of the most attractive destinations in this part of the Vitosha mountain, such as a vacation home "Rodina", hut "Momina skala", localities Gyoreva fountain and Golden bridges, huts "September" and " Aleko " ...

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