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The starting point of this short, light and pleasant tourist route is one of the most visited and beautiful places in the territory of Vitosha - Golden Bridges . It is marked with a yellow strip marking and has a duration of only one hour.

Departs from the western edge of the area where near the left bank of river stone from the road separating two large and well recognized tourist routes . Left leads to the area Vetrovala and hut "Kumata" , but our route is right . Go to the west in an old mixed forest until it reaches the place where the track crosses the road away from the Golden Bridges area for Opheliite.

Alley continues its gradual climb through the forest , and soon made ​​a wide right turn to cross one of the tributaries of the river Vladayska wooden bridge . It turns on the road of Golden Bridges for the rest homes of radio, composers and " Zdravetz" . Brief transition on the road , and after fifty yards to get to the hut "Lunichka" . The entire distance from the starting point of the route traveled so far is approximately 20 minutes.

From the climb continues to the southwest . After about five minutes you can reach a junction where you must continue straight (rather than right). Direction we follow is south, the route crosses our lowest parts of a beautiful mountain meadow Opheliite . The road crosses the road again, and describes several coils to overcome serious slope in this area.

Continues through beautiful spruce forest , and 1 hour from the starting point that leads to an intersection with three branches. At the eastern (left) leads to a hut "Kumata", middle ( to the south) - to vacation home "Zvezditsa " and right ( west) after only 50 meters leads to the ultimate goal of our route hut "Edelweiss" .

The hut was built on 1675 meters above sea level, in an old spruce forest . Located northeast of Ostrets ( 1838 m ) . It is one of the oldest in the territory of Vitosha - which was built in the period 1932 - 1934 year. A curious fact is that King Boris III fund part of "Edelweiss" with personal funds. Unfortunately the building was burned in 1956. Soon after, however, is restored.

Currently chalet has two floors on the first floor are the kitchen and dining room , and the second - the bedrooms . The chalet is attractive to tourists with its numerous lounges, tables and benches placed next to it. They provide perfect conditions for rest and enjoyment in nature.

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