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Route Golden Bridges - September...

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This is one of the easiest, short and pleasant walk to the Natural Park "Vitosha". Duration is less than half an hour , and the displacement between the lowest and its highest point - only 135 meters .

Starting point of the route is the stone river , located in one of the most visited places in Vitosha using the initial , intermediate or end point of numerous hiking trails - Golden Bridges . Starts in the north , the route initially follows the asphalt road to the hut "Tintiava" and vacation home "Bor" .

Soon reach the remaining left of the road restaurant " Elena" and soon (again from left) deviates alley to hut "Belite Brezi" and district " Knyajevo ." The route continues along the tarmac and quickly reach the panoramic meadow , offering great views to the south. It is surrounded by beautiful old forest , and in the southeastern end is built solid shelter with benches , tables , fireplace and playground.

About ten minutes after the track depart from river stone , it brings us to a junction. Path to vacation home "Bor" continues east (right) , but our route takes us north following marking hut "Momina Skala" . Walk moves through a vast meadow , and then enters the picturesque , old and thick coniferous forest to reach the motor road . Suffice it to go right at it. To the end point of the route is reached after about 200 meters. If you wish you can continue a bit on the road to end up at the hotel "Elitsa" .

Hut "September" is located on a small clearing in mixed deciduous and coniferous forest, 1485 m altitude. Originally this place in 1937 was built forest home "Mandra." Later, however, the building is demolished and replaced with the current hut "September" ( built in 1953-1955 years). Around it are separate cozy recreation with a fountain , gazebo , tables and benches.

Although relatively frequented , "September" , remains outside of the main tourist routes on the territory of Sofia. This gives it extra charm as it provides your visitors peace of mind that every year is becoming more luxury on the territory of Sofia. The hut is a convenient starting point for hikes to the Black Peak ( 2290 m ) and the huts "Tintiava", "Kumata", "Momina Skala" and "Boeritsa".

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