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Route Knyajevo - Golden bridge

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Sofia, kv. Knyajevo

The tourist route starts from the Sofia district " Knyajevo " more precise, the last stop of tram 5 . Hence , past a fountain with mineral water route climbs the stairs , cross the road , which connects neighborhoods " Knyajevo " and " Boyana" and enters the beautiful forest , in the origin can be seen several venerable oak.

At this point the path splits in two , and both lanes Belovodski out the old road crossing the main road from "Boyana " for Golden bridges. However, it is more convenient to take the right path which climbs steeply to the southwest , and after less than a kilometer to reach the first station of the cabin lift already dysfunctional line " Quarter Knyajevo - Kopitoto"

The old Belovodski road continues through the woods , and after ten minutes, the trail leads to the White water in which was built the first recreation area on the route - a fountain with a gazebo providing beautiful panoramic view to the city . White Water is one of the key tourist points in Vitosha - the old west Belovodski road leads to the motel -restaurant " the Pacific area " , in the south marked path leads to the paths huts " Planinets " and " Momina rock."

Continuing to climb relatively smoothly for Golden Bridges ( " skopius " , the ancient Greek name of Vitosha means " steep " so here " smooth " is a relative term ) soon cross the road to the site hoof and reached second place to rest - sheltered lawn with shelter . Upon request here tourists can get acquainted with typical Vitosha denudation Planes formed as a result of upheavals in past geological epochs.

The altitude of recreation is relatively serious - 1250 meters and after the climb continues. Kilometer route is hut " Planinets " then the trail head west -southwest at Golden Bridges . This transition is more than mild - moderate slope in a nice forest reaches a large meadow area where, in the spring you can enjoy the many beautiful species - blue crocus , hellebore , columbine , snowdrop , buttercup , blatnyak , avens anemone ...

The trail continues horizontally to the south and crosses a small picturesque creek , a tributary of the River Planinishka . To the east is Vitoshko arboretum and alley Golden Bridges is moving southeast and soon reaches its final destination . The altitude of the area is 1390 m , it attracts many visitors because of its relatively easy accessibility , multiple hiking trails that leave from here, and beautiful scenery .

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