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Route Pancharvo - Bisritsa village

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The length of this light and pleasant route is a little over an hour and its length - less than five kilometers away. This makes it suitable for family outings, groups including adult nature lovers, tourists and beginners. The proximity of the village Pancherevo to the capital city makes transition even more preferred for outdoor recreation .

The route starts in the center of the village, far are regular bus lines. Hence goes up through Pancherevo while reach to the street "Belikata" where begins the actual transition. During the first few hundred meters walking along the main road, but soon find yourselves in the area, offering beautiful views of the valley of the river Bistrica. From here the track leaves the road and continues down a path that initially goes through the lower part of the suburbs "Belikata".

The route then crosses the creek geggiov Doll, which is a tributary of the river Bistrica. Continue along the beautiful pine forest in the area of ​​Dulga Strun, where it reached the highest point along the entire transition. Hence find plenty of beautiful views of the river valley, the village of Bistrica and southern slopes of Vitosha .

From Dulga Stun continues along a narrow but well recognizable road that crosses Bistritsa meadows and gradually enters the village, reaching the central part in the street "Vitosha Tulip". Here you can get back to the village Pancherevo to catch a regular bus service to Sofia or select one of the many trails that lead from the village of Bistrica to the biggest attractions in the southern part of Vitosha.

The total displacement of the transition does not exceed 220 meters . Sufficiently indicative of the low level of difficulty, offering a route is the fact that only the stramnen stretch is only about two hundred meters . It is located in the middle of the track and of course can not have much difficulty even for tourists in poor physical condition. The route offers plenty of places where you can relax and take a picnic, and why not to pitch a tent for a longer stay?

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