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Small Puppet Theatre Slon

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Small Puppet Theatre Slont was founded in 1988 by Miroslav Tsvetanov , actress Rose Nikolova and artist Dilyana Nikolova. Originally his name was " Winnie the Pooh ." This is the first private puppet theater in Bulgaria .

In 1991, artists from Small Puppet Theatre SLON based foundation golden key , which supports art and children.

In 1996, under the auspices of the Foundation Golden Key was founded Theatre School. Since 1997, artists from theater work on a series of books related to the specifics of the puppet theater .

During the twenty years of its existence the theater has won its place not only among the best Bulgarian theaters, but also worldwide. He had many tours in many countries and has participated in many international festivals.

The theater has over 10 (only first ) awards for production design , play and directing.

The theater was designed and constructed stage set for or in cooperation with foreign theaters. Some of the performances were filmed for Bulgarian and Mexican television media.

In 2013 he took part in the first of Bulgaria "Night of the theaters ."

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