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Stork's Nest Beach

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Stork's Nest Beach is located on the lake "Iskar" in the area with the same name, located forty kilometers from the capital. It is used for collection of tanning and swimming and for practicing various other water sports such as water skiing boats for example. When weather conditions are suitable, you can drive and windsurfing. The location is preferred by anglers because catches is pretty good.

You should be aware, however, that during the hot summer months have to come early in the morning to find a place on the beach as it is a favorite place not only the citizens of Sofia, but also for the inhabitants of only twelve miles Samokov. The view from the Stork's Nest is amazing, especially in clear and sunny days.

Dam "Iskar" is the largest both in area and in volume in Bulgaria. Work creation began in 1950 and officially opened in 1954. Designed for the needs of the city, he is currently one of the most attractive places for recreation and tourism all over the country, as the coast is built proper infrastructure that allows tourists to spend excellent, whether luxury or prefer to stay alone in nature.

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