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Adventure Park Shambhala

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Adventure Park " Shambhala" is located on the outskirts of the city of Sopot . Situated within the European center for extreme sports and meditation " Shambala ", which is the largest park in Bulgaria ekstrimen covering an area more than 300 m2 Adventure Park is comprised of various tourist attraction . Created a " high altitude city " whose base is properly tensioned network secured by special fittings and ropes to trees. Environment is natural. Was used pine forest , which is one of the mountains . For trees that are more than 50 years is attached network. Beside it is a ladder or a rope upon the player who could decide the merits which of the two facilities will use . Above are attractions, some of which are 12 meters high . Obstacles are more than 20 and overcoming them , one feels really satisfied with myself. then went down to the ground , everyone gets a diploma of " warrior of Shambhala ." function of altitude city for everyone to check their physical training, believe in yourself and do not last place to shake off the stress by feeling the thrill of adrenaline. park can accommodate up to 50-60 people. networks , however, the limit for a group of ten players. Required dress with a dedicated team , and during the game to them have coaches to ensure the security of the players. Besides altitude city park adventures " Shambala " has attractions, names like Tarzan and Robinson themselves speak what is expected of players to overcome them . Among the most complex hurdles as conveyor stairs . They are 12 meters high , but are well secured as climbing on them is always tied with ropes. "Trolley " who offers downhill sloping rope length of 60 meters . creators adventure park not forgotten the little ones want to know what is an extreme sport . Especially for them at one end of the park is mounted " cube ." It is a maze of networks that young players must overcome as climbing , hang arms or creep through narrow holes. Entire adventurous city is absolutely accessible to anyone who wants to try it out throughout the year. Prices are depending on which attractions will be used. worth 45 lev day fun for all appliances. price " cube " and downhill " trolley " is 5 BGN. Students pay for adventure 25 BGN. Center " Shambhala" taken care to provide best possible infrastructure in the region .

Sopot attraction to an asphalt road and there is a huge parking lot, which is free. With lift tourists who wish to stay longer in the mountains, can climb to the hut "Nezabravka " which is also part of "Shambhala" . Trippers equipped with tents, can stay on the ski lift , where a special place for camping with a campfire . adventure park is very popular with team-building outdoor areas and are very large and there are loads of opportunities for extreme fun and spending time with friends and colleagues .

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