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Sopot dam

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Sopot dam is located in Northern Bulgaria , the Central Fore, about 30 kilometers northwest of the town of Troyan and 35 km southwest of the town of Lovech. Was put into operation in 1961 with the aim of irrigation. Its water level is maintained by Fender river . Its length reaches 7 km , width up to 2 km and depth - 28 m . When construction activities are displaced villages of Lesidren and large Zheravna, which are now at the bottom of the dam. The reservoir offers perfect conditions for practicing sports fishing. Proponents of this hobby can be taken in waters haddock, bream , perch, catfish , bleak , sun fish , carp , rudd , bream , maple and others. The surrounding area of the lake is great for practicing different types of tourism . Milky crystal blue waters will seal in your mind the memory of the beautiful scenery of the mountain. There are perfect conditions for camping , picnic , barbecue, leisure walks. Built comfortable bungalows and villas you are available to tourists who prefer to stay indoors. Around the forests along the pond can dial multiple mushrooms, herbs and spices. If you choose Sopot dam as a destination to spend your holiday , will definitely not be disappointed . Clean air , untouched nature and abundance of fish in its waters will make your vacation unforgettable. Nearby are the following natural attractions not to be missed : the cave warm and Saeva hole and waterfalls Banovska, jump Brumbar and Loposhnitsa Beetle .

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