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Sopot Waterfall

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Sopot waterfall is a wonderful place , fully justifying a good one hour walk for each visited city of the Ivan Vazov - Sopot .

Beginning of the trip is the Monastery " Ascension " St. Spas" , located on the right side of the first station of Sopot lift . From there you should take the dirt road that winds its left side fence. It passes through a small bridge and gradually turns into a picturesque lane approaching the forest. A sure sign that this is the right way is if it came to a small chapel with icons and a spring that serves as a guide. It is visible after about twenty minutes the trail.

From the chapel is still up where waiting and cool freshness of the waterfall . His roaring waters descending 15 meters , forming two large falls. There is a small alcove with benches , roof and fireplace , and the whole place is very suitable for a picnic with big stones and natural forests shelter .

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