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Alepu beach

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Alepu beach is located in the eponymous marshy lagoon, located six and a half kilometers south of Sozopol, one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities. The name comes from Greek and literally means "fox". This is due to the many predators of this species that inhabited the area of the marsh in the past.

Since more than a quarter century, the area was declared a protected area, there is no systematic typical Black Sea coast overbuilding. This automatically turns Alepu one of the favorite places of fans Holidaying in nature, away from the noisy and crowded tourist destinations. Here, however, come many families with young children as the sea is shallow and the bottom - oblique.

The beach is covered with fine sand that caresses your skin and feet sink into it. Because it is located at the foot of the hill Bakarlaka Kukov (located to the north) and Andrew Bair (south) of Alepu beach is protected from strong currents and storms. Opposite is quiet and calm bay, sheltered between capes Agalina Humata north and south.

The beach is located on the bank of the same name from inundated swamp type and is located on a relatively narrow but very scenic sandy beach, covered with so typical in the past, but now almost extinct because of overbuilding on the Black Sea coast dunes. Here they are really impressive, as in places reach a height of twenty feet.

The firth is three kilometers long and three hundred meters and its width in places up to 320 meters. The whole is covered with characteristic saltwater marsh vegetation and sandy hair, which is the beach, has a length of four kilometers. This automatically makes it the second longest stretch of sandy beach on the southern coast. At the southern end it is wide, narrowing gradually to the north.

Alepu is one of the main places in the so-called "Via Pontic" - the way in which each year migratory birds. Recently, however, appears a problem with unregulated fishing, which in turn affects badly the population of waterfowl. Nevertheless beach of Alepu is still one of the most pristine places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. So you can enjoy the peace and quiet away from the stress of the city.

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