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Camping Golden Fish beach

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Beach camping in "Golden fish" is located in the southern part of the so-called King's Beach, about two km from Sozopol, one of the largest resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The sand beach is guarded by professional lifeguards and offers all the possibilities for water sports including boats, pedal boats, jet skis and a surf.

The sea here is calm and pure, protected from northern winds. Bottom is sloping, without pits, underwater currents and whirlpools. This is precisely one of the main reasons the beach of "Golden fish" is so attractive to families with young children and tourists who seek peace in nature.

The water is warm and the conditions for collecting tan is more than excellent. If you want to hole up alone and find a place where you can rest in peace, it is one of the largest destinations for a "Golden fish" and its beach. That is why many tourists fleeing our big and noisy tourist resorts are directed there - more than a hundred and fifty for camping and placing campers, free showers, free internet and a few restaurants where you can eat, cool or fun friends complement dream image. Does not sound bad, right? Unless you're into luxury, but in this case "Goldfish" is not your place.

Nearby there is a children's center and convenient parking, and nature in the area is truly magical, though some places have suffered damage from excessive coastal construction. However, there are enough beautiful places that you can visit if you decide to bathers "Goldfish". Not to mention the endless possibilities offered by the nearby Sozopol, especially when it comes to nightlife and cultural tourism.

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