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Harmanite beach

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Harmanite beach is located in the southern part of one of the most popular seaside resorts - Sozopol. He's among the largest in the southern coast (an area more than 14,000 square meters), but this is not its main advantage. Harmanite is urbanized and modernized, making it a favorite resting place of the Black Sea coast.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, warm and shallow sea and gorgeous fine sand, tourists are attracted here by the large number of attractions and restaurants that are available to holidaymakers visiting Harmanite. Responsiveness of the beach is spectacular - just yards away are several family hotel and give houses to rent, so you can stay nearby and enjoy the Harman from early morning to late evening. However, here the sea is warm from May to late September, even to October.

The beach is divided into two zones. In one fee you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, but leaving enough space, which can accommodate without having to pay anything. Of course, there are allowed to place their own umbrellas and towels.

If you like water sports in Harmanite you can rent jet skis, water bikes and ski equipment, so-called "banana", diving equipment. Naturally, the thought for the fans of football and beach volleyball. There are several golf courses, where you have an excellent opportunity to practice them.

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