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Kavatsite beach

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The beach "Kavatsite" is only about three miles from one of the most popular Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Sozopol. Tucked away in a picturesque bay between Capes St. Agalina Christ. Sand beach here is very clean, and quite long and wide standards on the southern coast. The sand is fine and golden in color, with incredible softness.

This place is sloping seabed without pits, whirlpools or dead currents. Panorama that unfolds before the eyes of tourists, is remarkable. Northern and southern parts of bregovatata line is "locked" by picturesque rock groups, along with excellent conditions for diving and practicing other water sports.

The territory of the beach is located one of the smallest, but curious and beautiful nature reserves in the country - "Sand Lily" designed to dangerous eponymous plant growing on the dunes in the area. If you decide to spend your vacation here, you should consider that in the immediate vicinity "Kavatsite." It offers bungalows and free space, which can be stretched over two hundred tents or be placed karvaani and campers. In recent years, nearby were erected also many hotels and private villas where you can stay if you need more comfort. The place is mostly preferred by families with small children as the beach is guarded and parents can relax, leaving little to romp as they want.

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