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Medieval church with a basilica ...

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Medieval church with a basilica is located in the old town of Sozopol.

There are strong grounds to argue that the ancient temple is the headquarters of Sozopol's episcopate from X to XVII century church was built on the buildings of classical and Hellenistic period of Apollo, dating from V to II century BC. In the ninth century temple was destroyed by fire. At the end of XI century church was rebuilt and decorated with frescoes, but it is built around the monastery complex. Archeological evidence and its location associated with the cult complex known sources of urban monastery "St. John". At the end of the XI until the end of the XIV century it was made a major reconstruction plan and the basilica was converted into a cruciform. Between the end of the XIV and the beginning of the XVII century was implemented new reconstruction. At the end of XVII century church was destroyed by the Turkish authorities and cease to function.

In the yard and in parts of the church were discovered more than 250 facilities tomb, dating from X-XIV century and the end of XIV century southern nave was converted into a monastic ossuary.

Architecturally the church is Constantinople type of cruciform shape, and size 36 x 13.35 m. The western facade had three entrances. The floor was covered with a mosaic of red, black and white. Found traces of baptizing pool (pool water, which in early Christian basilicas christening took place) with a diameter of 1.8 m, and also remains of an ornate marble altar arch.

The floor in the nave was covered with bricks formed into decorative rows. The remains of the rich interior decoration of marble architectural details, mosaic floors and frescoes, largely distinguishes it from other medieval churches in the city.

Although the study of this temple is not yet fully completed, we have believed that the church has occupied a central place temple associated with episcopal office in Sozopol.

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