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Paradise Bay beach

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The Paradise Bay beach is very small, long only a few tens of meters, but instead it is sheltered, clean and quiet, away from the noisy tourist destinations. It is located about two kilometers south of Sozopol, one of the most beautiful cities on the Black Sea coast and all over Bulgaria.

Paradise Bay is located just half a kilometer south of Budzhaka area, which also has a beach suitable for all those who want to spend their summer vacation on a nice and quiet place. Two kilometers to the south is the beach again "Kavatsite" - one of the most iconic places on the Black Sea coast.

The water here is crystal clear and warm, and excitement are extremely rare excitement, as the beach is protected from the north winds.

Budzhaka and Paradise Bay are separated from each other by the protected area "Kolokita." It is a picturesque seaside nose, which were built many Thracian mounds. It is because this is a protected area, but if you visit Paradise Bay, you can diversify your collection of tan with a walk to Kolokita more so the views that unfold from the peninsula to the sea, are really amazing.

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