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Sozopol- Old Town

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Old Sozopol, situated on a rocky peninsula benches, is a favorite for many fat people with unique romantic atmosphere of narrow cobbled streets, old stone houses with wooden windows and white curtains, fishing boats and nets, cozy and distinctive restaurants and bars, offering specialties from seas and oceans, national dishes, cocktails and desserts for large and small. Many stalls and shops offer tourists artwork, paintings and wonderful souvenirs from the sea and Sozopol. Now Sozopol uniquely combines picturesque nature, antiquity and cultural attractiveness. It is a modern resort, which attracts tourists with wonderful conditions for recreation and thousands of its history, colorful and rich cultural life events. Sozopol is situated the unique nature reserve Ropotamo, here are some of the most picturesque beaches on the Black Sea. The three beaches with fine sand and authentic houses dating from the XIX century, are part of the unique aspect of the resort town. Romantic fishing village in the summer becomes an attractive place for artists from the country and the world.

Of particular interest with the distinctive architecture are Sozopol houses. With particular importance today are the ancient and medieval Christian Complex, located in the center of Sozopol. Impressive fortress walls and architectural reserve, covering more than 1180 houses, historical and memorial monuments. Among the attractions are the chapel of St. Zosim and the St. John the Baptist.

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