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Veselie beach

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Beach camping "Vesselie" is one of the most attractive for tourists on the Black Sea coast. It is located just five miles south of the popular resort of Sozopol, close to the beach another iconic camping - "Smokinya". Although not particularly large coastline "Vesselie" is attractive because of its beautiful, clean and fine sand, warm sea and privacy features. And that's not all ...

On the beach there is a restaurant and bar where you can eat fish and seafood, have fun with friends or just to cool off with a cocktail in the heat. Therefore, it remains away from the usual tourist destinations, the campsite is one of the most visited places by the community of nudists. Of course, they are not the only ones who are attracted by the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to spend a nice evening in the company of his closest friends, campfire right on the beach.

The water here is very clean and warm enough for swimming from May all the way to the end of September month. Sea floor is sloping, without pits, underwater currents or eddies. Under the generous sun appears golden sand and enhances the feeling of a real idyll. Part of the beach is guarded, so you can be assured of health and life and to completely relax, even if you come up with your little ones.

Near beach Vesselie were built parking where you can leave your car. Nearby are several other beaches, which are also very popular and attractive - Alepu (three km) Imperial Beach (five kilometers) and Arcoutino (six kilometers). Around you can stay in such religious campgrounds as "Kavatsite", "Garden" and "Goldfish". Nearby are the landmarks of national importance as Beglik Tash lake, Ropotamo River and Cape Emine - the easternmost point of the Balkan Mountains.

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