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Ecopath Sratsimir - Rabisha Lake

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The starting point of the eco-trail " Sratsimir - Rabisha Lake" has fountains , located near the village Sratsimir ( Gramada municipality ) . The length of the route is 24 kilometers, and its creators have provided overall tour to continue for 2 days. The route allows you to become familiar with many of the sights in Vidin region and arranged a vacation by the largest inland lake in Bulgaria - Rabisha .

The trail is not difficult , almost flat, well- marked , no dangerous places. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the great wealth of the local flora.

The fountain near the village Sratsimir is reached by the third class road running from the E79 and connecting it with GCP " Vrashka chuka ." The village is situated 5 km from the municipal center Gramada. To the fountains were built gazebo and fireplace.

Hence the route follows the river bed of Vidbol in relatively flat terrain. Pass through places Valcheshki Dol and Mateykovoto tralo , the second of which was built a shelter with wooden benches and tables. Here the river spills and creates a picturesque bow , which is very suitable for fishing. The site is appropriate for organizing camp and overnight .

On the second day you should continue to Bozhishki Chukar beautiful area where a small bridge crosses a ravine and slope of the shortcuts Paluikov chukar . Here the route passes built guardrail , then again down to the riverbed . In the area Konow Dol , near the pumping station " Vargoliya " route again passes over the river bridge.

The trail turns to the village Vlcek (municipality Makresh ), where also built two bridges. Continues to be Makreshko with a monument to those who died in wars characters. And here is built a shelter with fireplace. The route is now on the road in a nice forest and crosses picturesque area Valcheshki dol towards the village Topolitsa . In the area near the pumping station again is a special place to rest. This is located and the place where the road crosses ecotrail Makresh - Shishmanovo . Hence the route follows the asphalt road to Tolovitsa .

On leaving the village, the route moves along the road connecting Tolovitsa a pumping station on the shore of Lake Rabisha . Space there is around 2 km away. The lake is also built vacation spot that is suitable for setting up a camp and overnight . Nearby is the Magura cave , chock-full of interesting rock formations, " room ", " galleries " prehistoric paintings and artifacts .

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