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Park '5th Oktober"

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Stara Zagora

Park '5th Oktober" or, as we all know, "Urban Garden "is the most beautiful creation of recreation in the city center. A favorite spot for young and old, in the heart of the city under the linden trees, the garden for decades attracted numerous visitors.

The garden is situated terraced. In the middle is a large and beautiful fountain, which operates during the warmer months of the year. Fountain over the years is well maintained, mounted him and colored lights that shine at night and give a romantic atmosphere. The park is rich in greenery. Ideally the maintained lawns create a wonderful sense of calm. To the delight of all benches and nursery places are untouched by evil hands, and every day here young and old, mothers with strollers take air or simply enjoy the lovely garden. And as spring breaks, such a heavenly picture depicts. Thousands of flowers, fragrant geraniums, carefully planted and watched with much love. Like comes alive from tales. The site attracts a magnet in May all the graduates and the garden is sprinkled with many young people who make the background picture of the beautiful, colorful alleys. Often you can see just married couples who sealed it was here his most beautiful memories of your wedding day.

In a public garden there are cultural monuments. Some were erected in honor of some anti-fascists. Another monument is one of the heroes of Balkan war and WWI.

In the northern part of the park is the theater of Geo Milev, before it is a wonderful playground. On one of the sites is painted chess pieces are a large but lightweight. Casual chess tournament organized local retirees, and many children learn the smart play here.

Winter here is a snow fairy. Beautiful, white, powdery snow gently descended carpet of snow. During the Christmas holidays one of the alleys gravy thousands of sparkling lights. Each tree from root to branches is surrounded by lights. So walking down the alley, you feel that you are in Wonderland. The park is one of the prides of Stara Zagora.

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Stara Zagora - Attraction Park '5th Oktober Stara Zagora - Attraction Park '5th Oktober Stara Zagora - Attraction Park '5th Oktober