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Route Stara Zagora - Bear Well

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Stara Zagora

The starting point of the tourist route is "Beroe" stadium , located in the Park " Metropolitan Methodius Kusev " (far better known as Ayazmoto ) in Stara Zagora. The transition is easy and not very long, so no need to worry to take , regardless of age or physical condition. Is taken from the stadium to the north along the asphalt road that leads to the neighborhood " Dubrava" . As a guide to be used shooting range , then the route deviates from the road and bear left onto a dirt road crossing a pine forest.

The route follows the trail to dry dol, then abandoned it (the road turns south ) and heads northwest along a marked trail . Begins relatively steep but short climb to the saddle Dzhigera . Keep it on a wide and flat dirt road crossing vineyards, country estates and orchards. After a few turns we find ourselves in the saddle seven paths in which the tourism fountain located below the magnificent willow .

Here the route continues west on a dirt road , head right on the north side of Karasivriyski coulee. If you prefer you can go and another dirt road that follows the southern part of the valley , because it also leads to the ultimate goal of transition. Connoisseurs of the area called the second time tunnel because it is " framed " by a beautiful forest . In late winter , early spring and autumn all Karasivriyski coulee is covered with beautiful wild flowers , so it is preferable transitions to be made in this part of the year.

Once out of the gorge , the route reaches the open meadow and wean right along a narrow dirt road that climbs the saddle end Haidushka fountain and past her down the road to Zagora mineral baths . Here is the place Aybunar ( Bear Well Turkish ) . Returning to the city could be on the way back , by bus from Mechi (Bear) well or walk along the main road .

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