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Route Stara Zagora - Mineral baths

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Stara Zagora

This tourist route starting point is the parking lot located in the western part of Stara Zagora emblematic "Ayazmoto". The official name of the park is " Metropolitan Methodius Kusev " , the name of its creator . It is the first park of the European style buildings in the newly liberated Bulgarian state at the end of XIX century.

Originally initiated the construction Methodius Kusev meeting misunderstanding and even opposition of local residents , but the park was created , and in it are planted plants from different parts of the Balkan Peninsula. In the early twentieth century, King Ferdinand trying to build a residence here, but was forced to withdraw because of stormy discontent of local residents . So " Holy Spring " is preserved for future generations and become one of the favorite places for locals and visitors to the city and a symbol of Stara Zagora.

The tourist route is marked in blue -white- blue, and the duration of the transition period - about 4 and a half hours with a normal move. The track does not stand nature lovers against serious challenges , the transition is relatively lightweight and very pleasant, offering an abundance of beautiful scenery in the nature of the sub-Balkan valley .

After leaving from the park " Metropolitan Methodius Kusev " northwest , the route is drawn to the area Chamurdzhik crossing varied terrain . The track is beautiful in all seasons , but offers an abundance of spectacular scenery in spring and autumn. The first part of the eco-trail is the longest - from Ayazmoto Chamurdzhik will be reached in just over two hours . There is the distinct pleasant place to relax with a fountain .

From Chamurdzhik route is drawn to the village Pryaporets ( Stara Zagora) , again moves perfectly recognizable and marked trail crossing the beautiful, hilly countryside . The distance between the two points usually takes no more than an hour , it is possible to slow down, captured the remarkable views Sarnena Average forest, the Balkan Mountains and the sub-Balkan valley . From Pryaporets track leads to the Novo Selo (45 minutes). The two villages are among the smallest in Stara Zagora (with about 100 inhabitants ) , but are very picturesque .

The final stage associated Novo selo with Stara Zagora mineral baths and takes about 40 minutes. Village and resort located on the slopes of Sarnena forest, 15 km from Stara Zagora, and attractive tourist destination. The transition is easy and gives a great opportunity to quickly move away from the hectic city life and immerse in the beauty of nature.

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