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Stara Zagora Art Gallery

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Stara Zagora, 27, bul. Ruski

Stara Zagora Art Gallery is located in the city center, the site of the former Market Hall. Established in 1908 on the initiative of Anton Mitov , Georgi Evstatiev Vasil Dimov, Atanas Mihov and Vasil Marinov. Collected a small collection of their works , which serve to illustrate the art lessons in schools in their hometown and set future design of an art gallery . This idea includes Ivan Mrkvicka , Petko Klisurov and others. Taka styled collection was established as an art piece in Archaeological Society "Augusta Traiana". Over the years it has grown . His works add it to the city Dimitar Gyudzhenov , Nicola Kozhuharov , Cyprus Nikolov , Vassil Kostakiev , Nikolai Evrov and several artists from stranata. Until 1959 results as a department of the Historical Museum, and then was declared independent Art Gallery. Now funds gallery numbering more than 4,600 works of art . Distributed in five departments - painting, graphics, sculpture , icons and Renaissance engravings and foreign art . They have covered almost all the works of Bulgarian artists of the past two centuries. In more than one hundred year history Stara Zagora Art Gallery has organized more than a thousand shows and exhibitions , some of which are visiting the galleries in the country , and galleries in the Czech Republic , Portugal, Great Britain , Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Slovakia, India , Serbia, Germany .

Today, the gallery is open from 10:00 to 18:00 , with rest on Sunday and Monday.

Working hours: 10:00 to 18:00

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