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Ecopath Stara reka

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Ecopath "Old River " is located between the villages and Stevrek Bogomolsko ( Antonovo , Targovishte ) and offers tourists an unexpected adventure through the scenic depths of one of the less frequented parts of the region . By routing can be reached by road , which makes it perfect for fans of family tourism. Low altitude and sheltered location make it an attractive destination for tourists and beginner groups with small children.

The trail is suitable for all seasons, but most tourists come during the warm summer months, when the " Old River" offers cool in dense deciduous forests and sheltered valleys . However, it is okay to go on eco-trail in late autumn or early spring, even in winter. You will be surprised by the mild climate and pleasant experience .

" Old River" has a respectable length (about 11 km ) , but offers no major climbs or other more extreme experiences. However, you can enjoy a variety of landscapes along the Old River . The shape of the track points at both ends of an elongated eight. The final point is the ancient bridge. According to some locals , he is preserved from Roman times, while others say it is a legacy of Ottoman rule the Bulgarian lands.

The second version is much more likely because the area through which the eco-trail , full of Muslim cemeteries and other artifacts from predosvobozhdenskiya period. Regardless of their source , however , the bridge is remarkable massive hewn stones which stepped hard on both sides of the river arch .

Next to the Old River was built comfortable shelter where you can relax , to stay out of a sudden storm or even sleep . Eco trail will take you through beautiful deciduous forests, meadows with beautiful wild flowers and herbs, secluded valleys , where you can enjoy the coolness and the songs of birds. Continually the track follows the bed of Old River , revealing attractive views of the beautiful cascades of small waterfalls through which it passes .

Good time is guaranteed since, except to camp anywhere along the trail " Old River" , you can select a number of more " civilized " option as nearby villages offer guest houses and even small hotels.

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