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Studena dam

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Studena dam was built in the western parts of Vitosha Mountain in the valley of the Struma River. Situated on nearly half a mile above the village of Studena, 15 km from the town of Pernik , Sofia. Construction activities on the site began in 1953 , when it is necessary to delete the land of two villages - Vitosha and Krapetz . Dam gets into operation in 1955. Used for water supply of the town and the region.

Dam Studena, as most dams in Bulgaria , is a favorite and a perfect destination for sports fishers . Be careful and be informed in advance of its status as sometimes fishing is allowed, and sometimes strictly prohibited. The dam grows big fish wealth - white fish sabitsa , bream , perch, bleak, roach , haddock and more. Conditions and nature along the lake are ideal for relaxation , picnics , camping . There are cool pine forests and vast meadows . It is very picturesque and beautiful feast for the eyes and soul ! Mountain landscape with strapping peaks that surround the area , though takes the visitor to the site , separated from the hectic and busy life. If you can walk around the southern slopes of Vitosha Mountain, where there are interesting tourist routes. Furthermore, you can stop in the picturesque village of Studena . Near it is the famous fortress Krakra Pernik .

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