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Historic Landmark
Holy Trinity Church Svishtov

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Svishtov, pl. Svoboda

Orthodox Church "Holy Trinity" was built in the 19th century. is one of the most remarkable architectural monuments not only of Svishtov, but also Bulgaria. Built by the famous artist Nikola Ficheto, it becomes extremely important witness to events in Bulgarian history.

As of 1865 Svishtov prominent think building a new magnificent temple to meet their social status, their level of culture and education. That same year, construction began Master Kolyo the Belene bridge Yantra. Svishtov citizens turn to him with a request to lead the construction of the new church. On May 15, 1867 band Totyu translated from Zimnich near Svishtov on the way to the mountain. Many young Svishtov join the brave chieftain. When the band was broken in City Turks began a bloody crackdown. Three gallows was erected in the square in front of building a church. Svishtov bravest warriors are hung with signs of breast guilt.

In the space of two years and four months the church was completed and named "Trinity". In 1872 the first Bulgarian Exarch Antim I visited the temple and serve it. That same year, the first coming in Svishtov metropolitan bishop Ilarion and celebrate this Liturgy. On 28 June 1877, after the liberation of the city, the Russian Emperor Alexander II attended the service in the church "St. Trinity" in memory of the fallen victims of the first liberation.

Built with a wide sweep, absorbed large material resources, the church "Holy Trinity" perpetuates unity of Renaissance Svishtov. The night is illuminated by multiple lamps and looks amazing!

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