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Park Kaleto Svishtov

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Park "Kaleto " is located on the highest point above Svishtov . Still visible remains of the medieval fortress. More than a hundred years ago , the inhabitants of Svishtov acquire a large urban park that soon became their favorite place for relaxation and holiday. Almost immediately after the liberation , the first - free for Bulgaria years, the initiative for renovation and improvement of the appearance of this small marshlands near the Danube town area around the fortress " Kale " is turned into a beautiful park , where visitors will find him yet simultaneous presence of both historical ruins and beautiful natural environment. The park was created as a place for recreation - with paths , benches, a large playground , " the path of health " , etc. The wonderful view of the Danube is a prerequisite for shaping one of the attractive places for recreation. The park combines nature and history. There is also the "St. Dimitar " built in the XV century, and in its courtyard was first class school in Bulgaria . About 50-60 meters away were scarce remnants of another even older church - "St. George" , dating from the late 9th , early 10th century. In the middle of the park is located the remains of the medieval fortress " Kale " gave its name to the whole hill. Studies on its construction , as well as found here finds of coins prove its existence here in the fourth century. Park fortress was recently renovated and modernized . Today the citizens of Svishtov rightly proud built in the center of the park " Kaleto" summer amphitheater . On the stage , other than the countless cultural events outdoors , great fit and some of the events during the ongoing city consecutive years Festival of Ancient Heritage called " Eagle on the Danube ." The biggest attraction of the modern territory of the renovated park "Kaleto" , however, remains sundial built into the stage of the amphitheater. What makes this facility unique in the country that is the kind of sundials for " polar measurement of time ." What is the exact measurement itself and its application in practice , you will learn the inserted close to the plate when you come here . With its cultural, historical and natural attractions, unique location overlooking the town , "Park" Kaleto" is a favorite place for sport and recreation of residents and guests of the town of Svishtov.

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