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Historic Landmark
Roman legionary bivouac Nove

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3 km east of Svishtov are the remnants of the Roman legionary bivouac - the most well studied military camp located in the border territory of the former Roman Empire. Nove is based on the Danube River as a military camp VIII Legion August 45 years of BC. The camp consisted of watchtowers and fortresses, which were housed troops - cohorts and legions.

Nove was a crucial part of the defensive line of the Roman Empire as the Legion, placed here, guarding the territories won in Thrace and Macedonia from the raids of tribes coming from the east.

Initially, the camp covers an area of 17 hectares, but has gradually expanded by 10 hectares. It was rectangular, and each of its walls was one gate. Behind the fortress walls of the camp is located headquarters, the military hospital, housing officers, Legionella bathroom, military barracks, home of the commander of the legion and the barracks of the auxiliary troops. The civil settlement was situated outside the city walls.

Gradually the ancient city changed its appearance appeared as new buildings, churches, workshops of artisans. In V-VI century and Nove was the seat of the bishop.

Today you can see only the remains of old forts and buildings. Informational signs among the ruins you can see a computer reconstruction of the military camp and the buildings around it.

If we trust the tour of the visitor center, the price per person is 4 leva, and from the Historical Museum of the price for the entire group is 5 leva, entrance is free. From early April to late October, the site work without a day off, while in other months it is closed to visitors.

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