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Amusement Park The Castle

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Svoge, 21, ul. Vasil Levski

Amusement Park " Castle " is a place for fun and games , which is a favorite for children. Located in the " Chocolate City" Svoge only 35 km from the capital. The idea of ​​creating this park is due to the fact that every third child dreams of living in a castle . Coaster develop a wide variety of activities aimed at children . The building has a design for a small castle that carries kids into the world of fairy tales. The first floor of " Castle " is shaped like a restaurant for parents . To celebrate birthdays and name days , Christmas and New Year , Baba Marta and many other holidays. While enjoying a tasty meal , parents and friends can leave their children . The second floor of the amusement park for children from 2 to 7 years in a large room playing kids and younger , "Children's workshop " provides little princes and princesses dream facilities for painting , modeling, calculus. In the form of games have educational activities . So develop their mental and intellectual potential . Organizing competitions, contests , games . The third floor, which is for older girls and boys has a children's pool , foosball , electronic basketball and other racing games . There is also the club of " Winx Club " . There are regular competitions , quizzes, classes in gymnastics and aerobics. In the garden there are several sites with different from the usual and very interesting play equipment . At the rear of the garden is the newest attraction - " proto area " . Children will be immersed in another , distant and different world , part of our Bulgarian history. The kids will be dressed like a real proto to be able to bring in that distant time. They themselves will be "heroes " - participants. Archery, weaving, making fireplace with hanging pan for cooking , building tent hunting are part of the newest attractions. The price for use of all facilities is 3 BGN for 3 hours and hourly childcare is 3 BGN for 1 hour. Children's amusement park " Castle " in Svoge is a great idea for a wonderful day trip that the kids will remember forever. This is a unique place where parents and children can gladly spend a few hours and have fun without end .

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Working hours: 10:00 to 19:00

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