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Teshel dam

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Dam Teshel called equalizer Teshel , build on Buinovska River. Part from Dospat Vacha cascade . Was put into operation in 1984 with the aim of takes him water from the dam Dospat . Although waters Teshel are full of carp , bleak , carp and white , the practice of sport fishing in its territory is completely prohibited and reservoirs is armed. However, though the nearby rivers - Buinovska and Trigradska, offer a not bad alternative for lovers of this sport. Can conditions in their waters trout if you have this luck and natural dose craftsmanship . Nearby is the site Chaira , where except boating can indulge fishing and catch carp, catfish , perch, whitefish and others.

The area around the lake is very beautiful , you can enjoy the Rhodope Mountains in the full and shine. In these parts of the massif are some of the most popular natural tourist destinations in Bulgaria . You will be amazed by the eruption of Buinovo gorge . Following the river Buynavska south will encounter the Devil's Bridge and waterfall. In this area is the famous Eagle eye. The site is overhanging the highest cliff above the gorge and spectacular views. Northeast of the lake is the Reserve Kazanite an enchanting place with beautiful nature . If you decide to explore those parts of Bulgaria and looking for a place to stay you can do in the village Yagodina . Notorious Jagodinska cave, rear with Trigradsko Gorge, must be included in your list of natural sites to visit.

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