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Ecopath Stanina dupka - Treskavets

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The starting point of the trail , " Stanina dupka - Treskavets " is a pretty mountain town Teteven . Quite naturally, the lowest point on the track is exactly the place (420 m altitude ) , while the highest is Mount Treskavets , dominates the surrounding landscape with its 1151 meters . The duration of the transition is about 2 hours in a normal way, and the displacement of the route - 731 m , which makes it accessible for beginners tourists , but advisable to have a more experienced hiker in the group.

Eco trail starts from the center of Teteven. Appropriate seasons to pass along is from late spring to late autumn , because there are relatively dangerous areas that could cause accidents during snowy months. Cave statins hole is located in the surrounding rocks , formed under peak Treskavets . The transition is not particularly difficult , but it is quite steep and steep climbs to rocky plateau. However, the whole time you are revealed in great locations at the foot of the massif Municipality.

Treskavets peak is located about 3 km north of the city in a straight line. It is elongated in an east -west ridge, surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, over 100 meters. Thus the only way to the top is the narrow passage in the eastern part of the rock where it is going and trail " Stanina dupka - Treskavets ." The etymology of the name is quite interesting - the local population has called the top in this way, because it fell on most flashes than other high points in the area.

Due to its natural anchorage , ridge Treskavets has been inhabited since ancient times and villages that existed there overlap tightly over the centuries , regardless of the change of power in the region peoples. During archaeological excavations have found remains of residential and public buildings , as well as a deep reservoir to collect rainwater. There are many coins , household items and weapons. Traces of walls only in the east , as in other countries ridge is inaccessible . Treskavets used by locals as a place to shelter during Kardzhalimen raids.

Ecopath " Stanina dupka - Treskavets " is attractive for tourists because it combines a walk in the beautiful scenery in the vicinity of Teteven with amazing panoramas revealing of peak Treskavets and heritage that carries it . It is recommended during the transition you are appropriately equipped and wear comfortable hiking shoes to tighten your ankles to avoid dislocation of the steeper sections .

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