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Trakiets dam

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Trakietz dam is built Harmanliiska River in the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountains , just above the village Trakietz , Haskovo region. Was put into operation in 1967 for industrial water supply and for irrigation of 138,000 acres of arable land areas . During construction were discovered artifacts of ancient Thracian and Old Bulgarian village . Trakietz Dam is the largest dam with stone wall not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula. Its length is 1100 meters. Ponds is a favorite place for recreation, picnicking , fishing and camping . Extremely popular tourist destination among residents of the town of Haskovo. Anglers should have in mind that they can practice this hobby only on both sides of the dam , where two large bay below the village Nikolovo near the site Saite and Malka chuka, and at the mouth of the village Karamantsi . You can be caught rudd , chub, bream , bleak , white fish , perch . There are also trophy carp and silver carp, Amurri . Each year, the dam is the venue for a number of friendly tournaments Fishing , people come from all over the country . The area of the lake offers Trakietz practicing hiking . You can visit small and large tops Hissar , which rise above the village Trakietz . Once it was here was situated Bulgarian monastery " St. Nicholas " existed until the 1665-1670 year. The church in the village named after him , as he was of great importance in the past about the Bulgarians from the region. Approximately one kilometer is the famous healing area Ayazmoto. After the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule the popularity of the healing power of water against a number of diseases quickly gained strength. Today there are hundreds of people flocked from all over the country . It is located here and the only country chapel , named after the mother of the Virgin Mary - Saint Anne .

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