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Cycle route Trigrad - Buynovo - ...

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The starting point of this exciting and not particularly difficult route length of thirty two miles away is the center of the beautiful village Trigrad, tucked away in the Central Rhodopes and a mass tourist with its natural attractions in its outskirts. Hence goes to his new neighborhood where did you take the macadam road to the southwest. The first goal is picturesque area Chervil. In this section you route winds smoothly on the eastern slopes of Mount Kokalov stone.

From the village to the highest point of the smooth ascent you share about three kilometers. Then begins sloping to find yourself in Chervil, where you can relax for a short end pretty little fountain, then you should turn west (down right) at the nearby junction. The descent continues in large grassy areas and not long after you are already in the picturesque valley of the river Adzhilarska. If you have time and desire, you can make a long rest or even sleep because the place was built a shelter and a fountain with beautiful water.

Continuation of the route follows the path that climbs the hill above the shelter. After approximately a kilometer marking transfers ridge of the nearby hill and goes horizontal to the northwest. Before long you should prepare for a new descent, this time to the picturesque valley of the river Buinovska. When you cross the little and picturesque bridge, leaving the asphalt road for Buynovo. You must make a left turn and after about two kilometers pleasant and riding will reach the beautiful little village. You can sit in one of the small taverns and rest among the unreal to the inhabitant of the city peace and quiet.

From Buynovo route follows the road southeast to the village Kozhari. When you go through it, get to the forest road, running along the river. After not very steep climb for a little more than half an hour out on the very border lane between Bulgaria and Greece. From here driving on the road, which descends initially in northern and later in northeastern direction to lead you in the village of Vodni pad. Retraction of another picturesque village on the route to Trigrad is by a seven-kilometer truck road.

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