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Devil's Throat

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Devil's Throat near Trigrad impresses the visitor with a phenomenon rarely seen in caves in the country: an underground waterfall. In this cave Trigradska River collapsed with a deafening roar into the dark abyss to form a string of small lakes and calm to sink at an unknown time in the breast of limestone rock. Perhaps this is why this "hole" to be associated with perceptions of the Underworld (the realm of Hades) and hence the legends of Orpheus and Eurydice.

One version of the origin of the name of the cave is connected with the observation that of all that the river has brought in the cave entrance (wooden trunks, etc.)., Not a sausage never came out at the end of the cave. People are experimenting, launching objects through the entrance, and long stood at the exit to see when placed will appear - but alas, nothing showed. This wonder people call "devil's work."

After two scuba divers from Varna, tried to explore the cave, entering from the bottom (upstream) and died there, attempts to survey the river were made only through the coloring of the water. Placed at the entrance of colored water at the outlet has gone after more than an hour and a half telling cavers. This leads researchers to believe that the water passes through an extremely long maze in the rock. It is believed that many objects carried away with the river deep and never go outdoors are trapped in this labyrinth precisely and are well preserved by the cold water.

Three rocky terrain impress guests at the descent into the Devil's Throat. The first one is a devil's head carved into the rock near the entrance for the visitors just before the descent into the roaring hall. The second is a figure of a man in full height, in antique style, carved in stone in the roaring hall, next to the entrance of the small room the size of a small room. On the way to the exit, climbing up the numerous steps up, the visitor can see a little spring with a miniature carved altar piece of the Virgin Mary. Here, some visitors leave coins into the hollow of the altar and around it, heading prayers and wishes in the hope of fulfillment.

In the Devil's Throat winters large colony of cave bat.

Devil's Throat gave rise to various legends of the time of the Thracians. One of them said that here Orpheus descends into the underworld of Hades to rescue his favorite - Eurydice.

Cave is one hundred tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

The cave is open from 8 to 18 hours, even in low season you can visit, you will find what you directions. The cave is electrified and the stairs going up near the roaring waters of the underground waterfall are protected by railing betonen (old metal is replaced). Temperature in the cave is about +8 ° C.

The exit of the cave is available to visit with boat as you can hire on the spot.

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