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Haramiiska Hole Cave

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Haramiiska hole is a cave in the Rila- Rhodope region . It is 1 km northeast of Trigrad , from the east side of Trigradsko Gorge. Its length is 510 m cave is electrified. The cave consists of two related 43 -meter cliff caves. Comes only with a guide and special equipment . Information on the order of entry into the cave can be obtained from the cashier or tour of Devil's Throat cave . It is desirable appointment . Places in the group entry is limited. Gathering place in the morning to 10:00 in the parking lot in front of the Devil's Throat . The entrance to the cave Haramiyska be reached after 20 m vertical climb with a guide and climbing equipment . The large room inside down after 43 meter abseiling down.

The entrance of the cave water path starting from the car park at Devil's Throat - 10 minutes climb through a pine forest.

The cave remains of a primitive people - their models located in naturally lit entrance area, is one of the attractions in Haramiyska cave. The inner part is not equipped with lights - comes with its own lighting and protective clothing. Inside the cave there are several small rooms. The entrance of one of them is very narrow - passes are crawling . Is the most interesting and exciting part of the cave - downhill 43 -foot cliff into a huge hall , the bottom of which is covered with stone blocks. This room is naturally lit from the second entrance of the cave , which is actually a "source ." To overcome this stretch require full trust to instructors and equipment . Of " output" another track with panoramic views to the mountains leads back to the parking lot at the Devil's Throat.

Haramiyska cave allows everyone to experience the extreme experience . The cave is only available with the appropriate tools and use of Alpine and Speleological technique. So when I visited her require a little courage , a little power and a lot of enthusiasm. In Haramiyska caveman confronted with natural fears - of the dark , narrow and high . Overcome them with the help of experienced drivers and good company guarantees unforgettable moments in the cave.

The price for entrance to the cave is BGN 30.

Tourists and lovers of extreme experiences that want to benefit from the receipt of full equipment and professional support throughout the adventure will cost BGN 180.

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