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Bird holes Cave

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Cave Bird holes are located in the eastern part of the Troyan Balkan. Its entrances are located north of the site of radium trap in a forest and finding them is no characteristic landmarks .

For local people, the location of its entrances is long known and located upstream of them is more convenient for the descent. Its altitude is 1260 m input plumb with length of 65 m in depth and expands the bell reaches a diameter of 10 meters The bottom block is covered with soil and fallen over materials - mainly noise . The actual bottom , however , is lower and it goes longer without a rope . There is a small stream flowing in opposite directions, separating two galleries - ascending and descending . The main color of the walls is reddish . Richness and diversity of entities is extremely - systemic cave pearls arranged in small pockets and sinter ponds , stalactites, stalagmites, rich draperies and petrified waterfalls . The total length of the downward gallery is 302 m

Upward gallery is a series of rapids and zalichki , and its floor is covered with sinter ponds filled with water. The last room is concentrating all the wealth of the underground cave formations . Everywhere there petrified waterfalls , stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars . All are painted in the most gentle and warm tones . Cerulean sinter pond filled with zhaltotsvetni pearls and stone lilies complement the heavenly beauty of the room.

The total length of the bird hole is 652 m and its depth is - 108 m named after the colony of Cory's ( rebel ) crows that occupying it . Other inhabitants of the precipice troblobiontniya snail and troglobiont mamarets and millipedes is endemic for bird hole Kumanitsa . Found and spiders, Harvestmen and beetles.

Bird gap hole requires special training to use the vertical technique. Penetration it is dangerous for people who do not have it , but also should not underestimate the risk of losing the forest in search of her entrance.

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