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Skoka Waterfall, Kaleytsa

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On the outskirts of Troyan, near the village Kaleytsa spread quiet , gentle song of the waters of the waterfall " Jump". Drop by twelve meters , they get together in Silver Lake, which forms a deep pool .

The area is easily accessible and can be reached very close to the waterfall by car. Hold the fork in the road to Kaleytsa from Trojan to Lovech. Pass through the village and after passing continuing by road - generally in good condition. The road flies near idyllic gardens and orchards after kilometer leads to a small bridge . Immediately after it has little extension that could be used for parking , and two hundred meters through the intersection on the left are all you away from the waterfall. There is a sign indicating the direction - it should be the best guide from there .

The waterfall is especially beautiful in spring when vegetation is at its peak and plant cast in silver greenish glare of the water. The place looks like a small valley and the sun filtering through the trees and gather in the deep waters of the lake.

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