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Troyan is situated in northern Bulgaria, 160 km. northeast of Sofia. Its population numbers about 27,000 inhabitants. Situated on both banks of the Beli Osam River. The most important cultural monuments in the municipality are: the third largest monastery in Bulgaria - Troyan, founded in the XVI century, painted by the eminent representative of the Samokov School Zachary Zograf; St. Petka-Paraskeva in Troyan, built in 1835.; Church of St. Nicholas Summer in Gumoshtnik village with carvings on Novoselski master carvers. The Troyan region has a perfect combination of natural resources and climatic conditions that offer great opportunities for tourism, spa, sport and entertainment. Nature lovers have countless opportunities to reach all corners of the picturesque Central Stara Planina. Walking, skiing, on horseback or bicycle, with or without a guide, you can walk dozens of forest trails, to glimpse from afar a deer, an eagle or other representative of endangered animal species that inhabit this region to enjoy the edelweiss to fish, to relax under the shade of ancient oaks, or in one of the many spas. Part of the Trojan region is occupied by National Park "Central Balkan". This is one of Europe's largest parks. Created in 1991 to preserve the unique nature of the Balkan Mountain. Area of ​​717 sq. km is covered with ancient beech forests, spruce, fir, hornbeam and durmast. The park covers the ridge and spacious lawns, a chain of raw peaks, most of which are above 2000 meters altitude, rock faces, precipices, caves, deep canyons and high waterfalls. Water wealth of the Troyan Balkan is complemented by mineral springs. Farm near the villages and Shipkovo spring water from sulphate-calcium-magnesium group, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 50 degrees C. It treats gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal, neurological diseases and other eye diseases. Troyan Monastery "Assumption" is arguably the most historic and cultural attractions of this region. Situated 10 km from Troyan banks of the river Cherni Osam. It is one of the largest and most famous Bulgarian monasteries - the third largest in the country. Founded in the late 16th century. Seryakova house is the only gallery in Troyan and perform public functions emphasized. Here are organized annually more than 16 exhibitions of local and visiting artists to hold meetings with intellectuals, poetic-musical evenings and other cultural events. Not to be missed and the unique Museum of national crafts and applied arts.

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