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Historic Landmark
Zelenikovski monastey

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Nowadays Zelenikovets monastery "St. John the Baptist " is acting Orthodox monastery . Located near the town of Troyan and a complex of church and several residential and commercial buildings . The church has three naves , apse and dome pseudo open narthex and tower over him. The monastery is not water and electricity , but offered accommodation. Modest conditions for compensation of tranquility and peace to reign in the region.

Located in the Balkan Mountains, less than 10 km from Troyan Monastery , the monastery in the area Zelenikovets is an indescribably beautiful and spirited place. The history and activities of the monastery from its foundation is not much . It was founded in 1832 by the then abbot of the Troyan Monastery - Partenii . Not long after it was destroyed and during the April Uprising - destroyed by Turkish troops in pursuit of the band of Totyu . The restoration of the monastery took place in 1913 , and a year later was consecrated a new church . The iconostasis of the church was made ​​by Master Philip the Macedonian representative of Debar school . The oldest building in the monastery of 1872

To reach Zelenikovets monastery "St. John the Baptist , " will serve to drive somewhere , and from that point forward - walk . Since the area has become a water catchment area for several towns and villages in the area, the dirt road to the nearby hut " Yavorova luka" falls within the area and is closed. So to the monastery direct drive no . By car you can reach the HPP " Cherni Osam " . From then rely on their feet. Across the road from hydropower and behind a blue shack started very well marked trail to the monastery , which takes about two hours and a half. The first 30 -ish minutes, the trail is steep . Then passes a water basin with space for relaxation and leads to the hamlet of a few houses, called " Glushka ." Further, the route crosses Leshnishki dol , climbs to its highest point , and hence descends to Zelenikovski monastery. From the monastery are magnificent views of the peaks and Great Kupen and Ambaritsa .

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